Day 8: (B, L, D)

After breakfast and checking out from our hotel its time to head west. We leave the province of Småland and travel
through Västergötland up to Dalsland. We will make a stop on the way to visit beautiful Läckö castle, located by Sweden's biggest lake, Lake Vänern. Here we will be able to stretch our legs and take experience what life was like living in a castle throughout the past 700 years or so. We will also enjoy a light lunch before heading to our next hotel:, Baldersnäs Herrgård, a hotel located on the grounds of an 1800's mansion, where we will be staying for three nights. After checking in and becoming familiar with the grounds, dinner will be served at the mansion.

Day 9: (B, L, D)

Today we explore Dalsland and all of its beauty! We travel through ancient forests and rolling hills before we reach our destination of Håverud. From here we take a boat ride through some impressive locks and canals before reaching the small parish of Tisselskog. We will enjoy lunch on the boat. Tisselskog is home to stone carvings dating back thousands of years. After a full day of fun we head back to our mansion where dinner is served later that evening.

Day 10: (B, D)

We are off to Norway! We will drive across the province of Dalsland and take in the beautiful scenery. Our destination is Oslo and the largest sculpture park in the world. This park is big and you will have some free time here to take in the art at your own pace. After lunch we make a stop at Holmenkollens impressive winter park where the Norwegian national ski-team practice year around. Prepare for some astonishing views! The day also includes a stop at the Oslo opera house. After a day spent in Norway we will head back to our mansion where dinner is served later that evening.

Day 11: (B, L)

Travel day! Today we travel through the thick ancient forests of central Sweden, from west to east, and our destination is the capital city of Stockholm. Through the years we have seen quite a bit of wildlife on this route, including the king of the Swedish forests. We have a few exciting stops planned and we will also enjoy a delicious lunch together along the way. We also have a fun trivia game planned for today´s bus ride and we have some amazing prices for the winners to keep us all entertained. It is late afternoon when we reach our hotel in Stockholm, and the evening is free for you to enjoy.

Day 12: (B)

Today is all about you and Stockholm! You have the entire day to explore Stockholm at your own leisure. We have some great recommendations of some must-see spots in Stockholm. Why not visit the Royal Castle, walk around in Old Town, or visit the Vasa Museum? There is lots to see and lots to do!

Day 13: (B, L, D)

A day in the archipelago of Stockholm! Today you get to see the beauty of Stockholm, from a difference perspective. We will all walk down to the water from our hotel. From there we will take a small ferry out to one of the thousands of
small islands that make up the archipelago. Here we will walk around, visit some shops, enjoy the atmosphere and have lunch. The ferry will dock back to Stockholm in late afternoon. We end day 13 and the last full day of this amazing tour with a goodbye-dinner back at the hotel.

Day 14: (B)

After an eventful 2 week tour it is time to say goodbye, for this time. After breakfast in late morning the bus will take us back to the airport for our flight back to the U.S.

Day 1:

Leaving the U.S. We will experience the sunset at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean, heading towards Europe. We will make a quick stop to stretch our legs and change aircraft in Iceland. Then off to Copenhagen, Denmark! Meals and beverages are available for purchase on board the flight.

Day 2: (D)

Arrive at Kastrup Copenhagen airport in Denmark. Here you will be greeted by our travel-leader and our bus driver who will join the group. Once our group is gathered we will head towards our first hotel just outside of Copenhagen. Here we will enjoy a relaxing quiet afternoon, and after settling in we will all gather for a welcome dinner later in the evening.

Day 3: (B)

After enjoying our first of many gourmet breakfast buffets we check out from the hotel and head towards the Danish capital. Today is all about Copenhagen! Here you will get to browse beautiful Copenhagen on your own and experience modern shopping and your choice of museums and other attractions. If you don't have any plans for the day, don't worry, we have lots of fun and interesting activities to recommend! For example, why not have a famous pölse (bright red hot dog) and a world famous Carlsberg beer for lunch, followed by a visit to the Danish royal castle? After a day spent in the Danish capital we head to Sweden and harbor town Karlshamn where we will spend the next few days.

Day 4: (B, L)

After taking in the morning ocean breeze and enjoying breakfast, we will board our motorcoach and head south along the shoreline of southern Sweden. We don't want to give too much away but we can say the day includes a small historic fishing village and some spectacular views with vibes from the Viking-era. We will also make a visit to the best preserved medieval fortress in all of Scandinavia! After a full day of fun the bus takes us back to our hotel where you choose your own schedule for the evening. We have some great restaurants to recommend!

Day 5: (B, L, D)

After spending 3 days in the southern tip of Sweden and Denmark we head north to the province of Småland. Our first stop is the Kingdom of Glass! Here you will tour Sweden's largest and most historic glass blowing factory, and even get to blow your own piece of glass! We spend most of the day in the Kingdom of Glass where we will also enjoy lunch. We will then head back north in the afternoon and after checking in to our second hotel in Gränna we will all gather for dinner in the hotel dining room. Prepare for some astonishing lake views!

Day 6: (B, L, D)

We will spend today in and around beautiful harbor-town Gränna where we walk the cobblestone streets and visit local stores surrounded by cozy log homes. Gränna is home of the world famous striped rock candy. Why world famous, you might ask? Just wait until you taste it :) We will also pay a visit to Visingsö Island and explore the island with a horse and carriage ride called “remmalag”. Here you will walk among castle ruins dating back some 500+ years. We will enjoy lunch out on the island. The ferry takes us back to Gränna the afternoon where you will have some free time to browse shops and taste some of that famous candy. We end the day with a lake side dining experience in neighboring town Jönköping.

Day 7: (L, D)

Today we take a day-trip to the first ever IKEA store, which is now a museum! Located in Älmhult Småland, this is where it all started for IKEA. You will choose your own traditional Swedish dish for lunch at the IKEA restaurant. After browsing the museum we head back north to Jönköping. Here we have a game of mini-golf planned as well as dinner up on a mountain top before we end the evening back at our hotel.

Itinerary        *Meals included each day indicated with B (Breakfast) L (Lunch) D (Dinner)