We are a family owned and operated business. Siblings and co-owners Anna and Martin Hallkvist, are both native to Sweden and experts in the area of travel and tourism. After operating and guiding a number of smaller tours in Sweden, Anna and Martin decided to start Scandi Experience in the fall of 2015. Our goal is to make each tour a truly unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else. We plan each and every event and location from our own experiences. If we have not experienced it, we will not offer it on the tour. That is why we call our business Scandi Experience. Opposed to other tour operators who just sell you the tour, we actually travel with you. Along with our friendly bus drivers and our experienced local tour guides we will be with you along the way to and answer any questions you might have, and we will be working
behind the scenes for the entirety of the tour to make sure you will have an unforgettable experience.

What We Do

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Guided Tours

We specialize in authentic guided bus-tours throughout Scandinavia. We travel mostly via our deluxe motor coach, but we also cruise and go by train. We currently organize just 2 tours per year during the Scandinavian summer (May-August). We do this so that we can put our focus on just 2 tour groups (rather than 7 or 8 throughout the year) and give you a more unique, genuine, and personable experience. We travel with you. From our experienced bus drivers Tomas and Bertil, to our fun travel leader Anna, and to tour organizer Martin working behind the scenes. We all travel alongside you to make sure every bit of the tour becomes a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Each year in the off season we travel all over Scandinavia to come up with new exciting destinations for the following each year. Many travelers who try one of our tours join us on a different tour the following year. There is so much to see and do in wonderful Scandinavia!

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Scandinavian North is our gift shop located in downtown Stillwater, MN. We also have an online store (www.scandinaviannorth.com). Since we operate both Scandinavian North and Scandi Experience together, it was only natural to collaborate together. Although the tours are operated by Scandi Experience you can still visit or contact Scandinavian North with any questions you might have regarding current or upcoming tours, and vice versa of course. Our retail store will stock all brochures and materials for all of Scandi Experience's tours. Conveniently located in downtown Stillwater, MN, our retail store's doors are open most days 11am-5pm year around.