Day 8:

Just like the ferry between Finland and Sweden we suggest not sleeping in too late. There are some breathtaking views from deck (or your cabin) as we get close to the mountains of Norway. We will enjoy both breakfast and lunch on board the ship. It is just after noon when we arrive into our next town, beautiful harbor town Bergen, Norway! Here we will stay for 3 nights, so we will spend the afternoon familiarizing ourselves with the town. After checking in to our hotel the evening is free. We suggest having dinner down by world famous "bryggen". Bergen is a very cozy small town and everything is within walking distance.

Day 9:

Today is fully packed. And again, we dont want to give away too much. We have some very exciting places to visit. But we can say it involves an amazing train ride to a very remote town called Flåm. Then a cruise on one of Norway's most impressive and amazing fjords. Lots of scenery and experiences to take in. After a full day of fun our bus picks us up at the dock and brings us back to our hotel where the evening is free.

Day 10:

Another very exciting day taking in the beautiful scenery of Norway and its fjords. Today we experience the area with our bus. We do have some stops planned, and one involves a short hike up to a waterfall that you can walk behind! We also get to see a glacier, while driving alongside the beautiful fjords. The day also includes a scenic ferry ride, among other exciting things. It is afternoon when we arrive back to the hotel. The evening is free.

Day 11:

After another amazing breakfast buffet we are off to our 5th country, Iceland! The bus and bus driver will say goodbye to us at the airport in Bergen, but we will continue to Reykjavik Iceland. Upon arrival we are greeted by our local team in Iceland that will be our host for the next 3 days. Our first stop is the Blue Lagoon, a must-do for anyone who wish to feel younger :) It is said that after a swim in the blue lagoon one will feel 10 years younger. Just bring your swim wear. A towel and a refreshing drink is provided for you at the lagoon. After a couple of hours in the lagoon we are off to our hotel. Here we will enjoy dinner before night falls.

Day 12:

Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure?! After breakfast the bus and local guide picks us up at the hotel. We are off to explore Iceland! Without giving away too much, we can say that today you will experience everything from glaciers, tectonic plates, geysirs, water falls, and greenhouses :) We end this fun day with some free time in Reykjavik.

Day 13:

On this last full day of the tour our bus and guide takes us on a city tour of Iceland's capital Reykjavik. Even though Reykjavik has not been a city for that long, the area has a rich history dating back a thousand years. There is lots to learn on this tour. The afternoon is free for you to explore on your own. We all gather back at the hotel in the evening for a goodbye dinner.

Day 14:

After an eventful 2 weeks it is time to say goodbye, for this time. After breakfast and checking out around noon the bus takes us back to the airport for our afternoon flight back to the U.S.

Day 1:

Leaving the U.S. We will experience the sunset at 30,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean, heading towards Europe. We will make a quick stop to stretch our legs and change aircraft in Iceland. Then off to Helsinki, Finland! Meals and beverages are available for purchase on board the flight.

Day 2:

Arrive at Helsinki airport in Finland. Here you will be greeted by our travel-leader Anna and our bus driver who will join the group. Once our group is gathered we will head to our first hotel located in Espoo just outside of Finish capital Helsinki. During our bus ride to our hotel we will hand out your welcome package and some general information about the tour. After checking in and settling into our hotel we will all gather for a welcome dinner in the evening.

Day 3:

After enjoying the first of many amazing breakfast buffets we pack up and head on a city tour of Finland's capital Helsinki. This tour includes everything from historic landmarks, beautiful scenery, and saunas! :) In the afternoon we are off to our next hotel, which is a cruise ship. We check in to our cabins and head on an overnight cruise to Sweden's capital Stockholm.

Day 4:

It is early morning when we arrive in Stockholm. We suggest setting your alarm and head up on deck in the morning to experience the world famous archipelagos of Stockholm. The ferry docks in Stockholm after breakfast and we are off on our next adventure: Dalarna, home of the Swedish Dala Horse! After some stops on our way up to Dalarna we check into our next hotel.

Day 5:

After breakfast we head to Nusnäs in Dalarna, where the world famous Dala Horse is being made. Here we tour the factory and learn all about the history of this famous horse before we head south after lunch. Our destination is a small town just outside of Gothenburg, where we will be staying for two nights at a countryside manion from the 1700's. It is late afternoon / early evening when we reach our hotel. We enjoy dinner together at the hotel while we talk about next days adventures.

Day 6:

Today is exciting. Today we get to see how perhaps one of Sweden's most well-known products are made, the Volvo! We will head to Torslanda just outside of Gothenburg and tour the factory of Volvo Cars. Lots of activities are planned at the Volvo plant, but we dont want to give away too much :) After learning all about Sweden's proudest brand we will head north along the coast. Our destination is a small fishing village where we will spend the afternoon and early evening before we head back to the hotel.

Day 7:

After a good night sleep we pack up and continue our adventure to the 3rd of the 5 countries. Our destination is Fredrikshavn, Denmark, located in north western Denmark. To get there we have to take a ferry. Just like the immigrants back in the 1800's we depart from Gothenburg. The journey over takes just over 3 hours. We have some fun things planned in Denmark, but we dont want to give too much away :) After a fun afternoon spend in the beautiful countryside of Denmark we head to our next hotel. And again, this is a cruise ship! We depart Denmark in the evening and head north west into Norway. Dinner on board.

    2019 Tour Itinerary